Little By Little

I’ve been thinking lately, that although practical tips about how to spend less money, and simplify your life can be incredibly helpful, I actually have to make the conscious decision, every day, to keep pursuing my plan to try and live my life in a more focussed, meaningful way, spending my money where it is truly going to make me happier.

It’s like, deciding to lose weight. Everyone knows that they need to eat less and move more, but it’s only the small, everyday decisions (walking instead of getting the bus, getting a salad instead of a burger, etc, etc) repeated many times over that are going to make the difference in the long term.

This basically means you have to change your whole mindset. And it’s difficult.

I literally want to come and live here…

I spoke in a previous post about how I’m trying to live a more meaningful life. When I’m feeling particularly motivated and happy, it’s easy to stick to this. However, there are often days when I’m tired / moody / thirsty / bored, and it’s much more difficult not to just buy whatever it is that’s caught my attention, and (in the moment) is what I want literally more than anything.

I’m still working on this. But, I’m definitely getting better. So, to remind myself that I am making progress, here are a few of the recent things I have successfully not-bought, that old-Lucy would definitely have caved in to;

  • An on-sale jumper from one of my fav online stores
  • My own copy of ‘The Sellout’
  • In fact, any books in general
  • A multitude of various energy drinks (I know, they’re gross. I can’t help it.)
  • Any band merchandise when I went to see Two Door Cinema Club (<3)
  • Literally the entire stock of Liberty

Although at the time, I really, really wanted each of these things, now I look back, not owning any of them, I realise I didn’t even actually truly want them. I’m equally happy without them. And that’s a decent amount of $$$ still chillin’ in my bank account.


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