Friday Five – 24th February, 2017

I’ve been super productive this week, beavering away at writing a literature review for my PhD, and have also managed to do pretty well with regards to my spending. Here are my top five money-saving achievements over the past week;

  1. My partner and I (finally!) went to see T2 Trainspotting this week, and made use of the 2 for 1 ‘Meerkat Movies’ offer. As neither of us actually had any insurance with Compare the Meerkat Market, my partner bought a days worth of the cheapest travel insurance he could find, which is definitely worth it for a years worth of half price movie tickets.
  2. Last weekend, I had a few hours to wander around central London by myself between my plans with various groups of friends. I had an amazing, tourist-y time, and kept it free by going to the National Gallery and roaming ’round my favourite shop Liberty for a while.
  3. I’m escaping the city this weekend to go visit my family, and am eternally grateful to past-Lucy for buying my train tickets aaaages ago, so they are super cheap.

    No place like home <3
  4. My book club / cheese and wine gang are meeting for the first time next week, and I’m borrowing our book (The Sellout; Paul Beatty) from one of my friends to read over the weekend (I heart reading <3).
  5. I’ve managed to stick with my bagel-and-soup based diet at lunch this week (v tasty, but I am getting major food envy every time someone brings a goats cheese baguette anywhere near our office).

February is nearly done, and it’s been a pretty amazing month in terms of saving money. I’m really busy with holidays and social things next month, so it’s definitely going to be more difficult, but I’m going to try and keep the balance of being happy without becoming totally broke.

Happy weekend!


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