All Star Lanes, Holborn // Review

There are two things you need to know about me. One, I love bowling. Two, I am terrible at bowling.

Having not bowled since roughly 2004, I’ve found myself at All Star Lanes twice in the past month, and honestly, just had the best time (on both occasions).

Yesterday evening, we turned up (for my friends birthday) at 6pm, put our stylish bowling shoes on, and spent the next hour shrieking with laughter over our collectively hilarious bowling techniques.

There are four lanes at All Star Holborn, giving the venue an intimate feel, without feeling like the entire place is judging you for your inability to knock more than three pins down at once. The decor is wonderfully retro-themed, and the overall atmosphere is just such a happy one.

I heart bowling.

Bar staff come to your lanes to take drink orders as you bowl, which is super convenient. Between myself and my friends we sampled a pretty wide range of their available mocktails, cocktails, and beers, and the opinion was unanimously positive.

Following our hour of bowling (which, incredibly, I actually won although we did have the barriers up which is arguably cheating…) we headed over to the restaurant area to eat.

I decided to opt for the ‘Californian’ – toasted sourdough, filled with Parmesan, chargrilled chicken, kale pesto, and kaleslaw, accompanied by a side dish of the truffle fries. We didn’t have to wait too long to be served (impressive, given how many of us were there), and the food was pretty tasty when it arrived.

Truffle oil is bliss.

My Californian came with impressive amounts of chicken and ‘slaw, with my one small complaint being that the sourdough was slightly too hard. The truffle fries were as good as ever, and I felt blissfully full when I finished.

Although I was pretty stuffed, I managed to split some waffle bites (gloriously cinnamon-y) with a couple of my friends, and then lounge happily in the bar area as we finished our drinks.

Overall, All Star Lanes did not disappoint. As much as I do adore going out for food and drinks, having a night based around some kind of activity really does add a level of fun. Price-wise, it’s not bad either. Bowling was £10 each, and I then spent £20 more on food and drinks (unlike several of my friends, I was alcohol-free, so with cocktails it would obviously be a more expensive night), so a total of £30 for almost five hours of entertainment).

I had an amazing evening, and am definitely intending on going back soon (I particularly want to try the Mac & Cheese, Oreo Shake, and bottomless brunch!)

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!


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